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Rock inside the Glock # 48


Stadtteiltreff: 19:00 Uhr
Konzert: 20:00 Uhr
Eintritt: VVK: 10-12 € zzgl. Geb., AK: 15 €

Drongos for Europe


Punk aus Birmingham/UK seit 1979 - zuletzt begeisterten sie live mit den Outcasts im Import Export.... hier die Bio auf englisch: formed in 1979 in Birmingham England, playing early gigs with mates GBH (official) (who we still gig with today) The Dead Wretched andThe Varukers. The band shared the stage in the early days with bands like GBH, The Exploited, Dead Kennedys, Crass, The Pogues, The Beat, and all the UK82 bands of the time.

The Drongos first single was a DIY release in 1981 called 'Hope And Glory'. The band also recorded two EPs on Inferno Records in 1982 - 'Death's A Career' and 'Eternity', which actually charted at around 47 in the national UK charts - Unfortunately, nobody in the band bothered reading music press at the time or listened to Radio One (we were the first punks in our town to have our own flats/ homes, so everyone came back to our place to get wrecked. We didn't need much encouragement to join in) So, to cut a long story short - we never knew until our then guitarist Anton joined in 1999, that we sold any records, and we of course never made any money and got ripped off like every band on Inferno Records.

The band split in 1985 - reformed in 88 - carried on and off until the mid 90s, never actually splitting up but not doing anything, either. The band kicked things off again for real in 1999 for a gig with GBH and the UK SUBS (thanks to Jock from GBH getting Dek Drongo pissed and persuading him to reform the band)... Tommy Drongo on vocals (is the only original member), Dek (who joined in July 82) on bass, Anton on guitar and Kimbo on drums.

This line up recorded the bands first two albums in 2003's 'Barcode Generation' and 2005's 'Hotline To Hades' (Hotline was also released in the U.S by SOS Records). We then released a single in 1990 on Renegade Records 'This Town/Cool Baby' (once again ripped off) followed by an EP 'Wasted' in 2001 on Intimidation Records. 2007 saw the release of a 12" Singles and rarities album 'Death's A Career' on Italian label Pure Punk, along with Rob MDM joining the band as 2nd guitarist and a 7"EP called 'Dance When Maggie's Dead' on their own DFE Records.


In Evil Hour 

In Evil Hour aus Darlington/UK mit herrlich melodischem female fronted HC-Punk vervollständigen das Line-Up. Fans der The Distillers, The Avengers,BURNING LADY, MAID of ACE und Konsorten dürfen sich auf eine wunderbare Band freuen, mich haben sie schon auf dem Rebellion weggeflasht... 

Based in the North East of England, In Evil Hour are a breakneck assault of melodic punk rock and searing 90’s bay-area hardcore. Lyrically, their songs are centred around a continued frustration at the willful destruction of our shared planet, as well as a general disgust levelled at our plutocratic, militaristic society where social constructs such as class, nationality and gender still dictate the opportunities human beings have access to in life. 

Heavily influenced by bands such as AFI, Bad Religion and Rise Against, In Evil Hour spent their early years relentlessly touring the UK, snatching up shows with artists such as Leftover Crack, The Misfits and H2O . Already regulars on the festival circuit, 2015 saw a main-stage slot at Rebellion Festival, their first shows in mainland Europe and tours with US punk rock legends the Swinging Utters and Millions of Dead Cops. The band are back in the studio in early 2016 to record new material.

EP "Built on our Backs" (2015 Snayle Records) and ALBUM "The World Bleeds Out" (2013 STP Records) OUT NOW and available to download from
CDs available at

Reviews for The World Bleeds Out:

"A record of staggering quality... As strong a UK punk rock record (indeed fuck the nationality, make that worldwide) you’ll hear for a long time."

"An immensely powerful album...rooted in punk/hardcore but has rich veins and textures coursing through every track."

Subnotes - Punk / HC aus München

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