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Beginn: 17:00 Uhr
Eintritt: 35 €

Das Noise Mobility Festival ist eine Veranstaltung von Balkanet e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit Glockenbachwerkstatt e.V. Experimentelle Pop- und Rockmusik, elektronische Avantgarde, Performance-Kunst, gesellschaftlicher Diskurs am Podium, Ausstellungen, DIY-Flohmarkt: Vom 07. bis 10. Juni 2019 ist die Münchner Glockenbachwerkstatt erneut das Zentrum der europäischen Underground-Szene. Als Kunst-Plattform jenseits des Mainstream zeigen Künstler*innen unterschiedlichster Richtungen auf dem Noise Mobility Festival wie facettenreich die europäische Subkultur/Popkultur ist.


Music Workshop/ Ausstellung / Kunstmarkt / Diskussion

Kunst - kollektiv “Symposion”(Serbia)  yugo-nostalgic trauma

visual, musical, pop-cultural, literary-theoretical independent publishing house from Serbia. Among their editions you can find pop-cultural anthologies, art albums and conceptual books full of extreme visuality. Their thematic thoughts are broad and far-reaching, releases deal with invisible, lost generation and their trauma, jugo-nostalgia, as well as the popular Balkan ideology, the clichés of Central and Eastern Europe, the cross-section of sin and innocence, or the feasibility of traveling to Mars with the help of irony, fake, sarcasm or spontaneous shaping of the image that is reflected in everyday life situations. It is a risky world, scandalous and difficult, but also ridiculous, without aesthetic boundaries, where censorship has not yet been discovered and where it absurdly confuses existential torments.

Program includes musical-cinematic performance, discussion about contemporary art, music, film, etc., group exhibition of internationally recognized visual artists and concerts of young bands which are performing at many festivals in the region.

Performance ab 18 Uhr


ist ein musikalische Konzept, Von Asmir Sabic Chaspa (Bouzouki-Elektronik) es ist ein Live-Performance die Geschichten von bewaldeten Bergketten und wilden Flüssen erzählt. Ein musikalisches Crossover von Melodien, Beats, Gedanken, einer Ästhetik, die von Arbeit, der Fremde, der Heimat und von dem Dazwischen berichtet. Es ist die Musik, die uns hält, die uns die Vielfalt der Welt zeigt; geschrieben, um uns zu fangen, um unsere Seelen zu retten.

Arnaud Fromont (Poetry and Music)

is long time member of Ostau dau País where he is responsible for the artistic projects of the association - programming and production. He is a member of music band´s;  D'aquí Dub, Mutacion Nacion, the Amicala Musicala which have the common point the expression in Occitan language.

Konzert ab 21 Uhr

Gradski Hor Beograd
(Biergarten )


City choir of Belgrade is a mixed singing society and group of people that nurtures various types of artistic and alternative music. The choir's repertoire includes composers like :
Steva.St. Mokranjac, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Kedrov, Aćimović, V.Milošević, L.V.Beethoven, Miller, N.Savić, traditional music, gospel, jazz, pop and many other! Standard choir crew is up to 30 singers with conductor. Choir have many different shows in concert or festivals and also lots of collaborations with TV shows or music productions. They already performed in Vienna two times, and in Balkan region. This is their first time in Germany and Munich.

DRH (Fr.)

Alex - DRH - Freakshow Festival - ©Lutz Diehl progrockfoto.jpg

At once Progressive Metal, Jazz and definitely Experimental, DRH’s music is lyrical, subtle, twisted and enjoyable. Meta-cosmic delusions, dreams under acid Burroughs style, superb flights like hallucinated opera, DRH guides you ina hovering and compelling journey where free energy flirts with lyricism ! Follow the white rabbit.○


BITEF Smrti.jpg

Audio visual project founded in 2012 by Predrag Vitner and Petar Mitric. Music is created on analog

instruments, devices and machines including tape recorders, synths, radio waves and vinyl samples. Most of the sound is created on spot, during the live shows, which underlines it`s improvisational concept. The band played in different type of venues like Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad (Serbia), Mochvara Club in Zagreb (Croatia), The Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre in Subotica (Serbia), Novo Doba Festival in Belgrade (Serbia), Thealter Festival in Szeged (Hungary) etc. Recently, Bitef Smrti is touring with experimental saxophone player Tibor Takacs.‐8wqBCE&t

La Faya Jr. is alias of Fadil Hamzić

(frontman of GroznyCorp. and Kzu ole ole and Pzu oje oje).

While DJs use finished and already produced tracks, La Faya Jr. combines his originally created

samples and preplayed sequences through improvisation, making a live cover or, in some situations,a mash-up of popular songs. He also uses a drum machine which maintains the energy and atmosphere of different genres, from house to techno, and through singing he rounds off the performance confirming it is a live act and not DJ-ing. Overall one can hear different and interesting,some might say incompatible mixes, including covers of INDEXI, THE BEATLES, THE KNIFE, HAUSTOR,DEPECHE MODE, and mash-ups of NIRVANA and LAURENT GARNIER or RADIOHEAD and BOOKA SHADE.

And all of this always at 128 bpm!

After - No-DJ -dj

Earlier Event: June 9
Stadtchor Belgrad
Later Event: June 11
Ableton User Group