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Balkan Lounge goes Yugoslavia - Atheist Rap



Bring and play your Yugoton….Im Café ab 18 Uhr...
Konzert: 21:00 Uhr
DJs- ab 22.30 Uhr: Yu-Go-Tanzbear // Atheist Rap DJs // Balkan Lounge DJs
Eintritt: 12 €



Atheist Rap

(Punkrock, Serbien)

Legendäre Punk-Band aus Novi Sad!



Atheist Rap wurde 1989 in Novi Sad, Serbien (damals Jugoslawien) gegründet und ist zweifelsohne eine der einflussreichsten Bands auf dem Gebiet des ehemaligen Jugoslawien. Ihr Land hat den Namen in der Zwischenzeit einige Male geändert, ebenso die Band einige ihrer Mitglieder aber mit ihrem sarkastischen Humor und ihrem widerständischen Standpunkt, füllten sie über all die Jahre die Klubs der gesamten ex- Yu Region.

Punk rock appeared early in Yugoslavia. Yugoslav punk bands already existed by 1977, the year the Clash released its first album in Britain. The first major punk concert, at least that I remember, took place in Pula, a town on the Croatian coast, on March 22, 1978. Soon after, the first LPs came out from bands like Pankrti, from Ljubljana, whose name in Slovene means “illegitimate” or “bastard children.” These records were released through state-run record companies, which were under a kind of informal but ever-present party censorship.  Miljenko Jergovic (New York Times)


Although the existence of the punk subculture was generally tolerated in Yugoslavia, with occasional mild cases of censorship, the one-party system still viewed it with certain degree of suspicion because of its in-your-face attitude, clothing, music and way of life which differed from the established image of model citizens. Thus, the authorities used this incident as an opportunity to label the punk movement as subversive and as a pretext to impose indiscriminate oppression on all punks and skinheads who began to be perceived as potential enemies of the state, although the overwhelming majority of them was actually anti-fascist, for example, both Pankrti  and KUD Idijoti have their respective cover versions of the Italian antifascist and communist song Bandiera Rossa. Wikipedia


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