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Maj Musical Monday #95

Stadtteiltreff: 17:00 Uhr
Essen: 19:00 Uhr

Beginn: 20.30 Uhr  
Eintritt: 8 €


15.04. sloanwall.jpg

Sloanwall is a five piece groove rock band from Zagreb which exists since 2014. The band released two EP’s called “Dawn of light” and “Vol. II”.

The biggest quality of Sloanwall are definitely their live performances which are affirmed by countless concerts in the region (as support for Sasquatch, Nightstalker, Mars Red Sky and Deaf Radio;

concerts with bands like Game Zero, Lost Lucid, Elephant Stalker, Tuber, Rudhen, Glory Owl, Tethra, Dronehunter, Lord Drunkalot etc., as well as performing at Tides of Youth festival on the island of Cres).

They organise their own concerts as well, with programs like “Stoneville” in Zagreb’s Medika and others.




Swamp haben ihre Wurzeln in Bradford (UK), Bremen und München. Auf der Bühne gibt es einen Mix aus energiegeladenem Stoner Rock, Sludge und Hardcore - lokal hergestellt in München.

Peter Groß - Vocals, Andy Scothern - Guitar, Tobi Schaller - Bass, Felix Meyer - Drums

Boolvar (Fr)


The flute is pushed to its utmost limits, drums are under pressure, electronics are everywhere ; we hear a voice beyond-flute. Innocence and laughter get close to a troubling and alarming world.   Lyrism is soon joined by the energy of Rock.

Delphine Joussein : flute, voice, effects

Guillaume Béguinot : drums

Earlier Event: April 13
Later Event: April 15
„...Fly me to the moon..“