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Beginn: 16:00 Uhr
Eintritt: Tageskarte 8 € || 2 Tageskarte 12 €


Ausstellungen, DIY Flohmarkt: Ab 16 Uhr im Hof und Flur der Glockenbachwerkstatt.

Konzerte ab 20:00 Uhr:


AYNAR is the contraction of a name refering to a redheaded moustached furious rogue protector. There was one too much a letter. There was way too much things so they threw everything away. Tightened duo, juggling with stringed electrified instruments and noisy machines, AYNAR builds resounding chaos by juxtaposing successive distorded layouts starting from the void (without loosing its sight) and announcing the epic poem of disaster. Manu Castel and Xavier Mussat met in Paris in late 2014. Manu Castel, Bassist, discovered with Xavier, guitarist and comic books author, the joy of playing minimalist, anxiotic, ravaged noise with mechanic tools, ringing toys, spanners, CB microphone, amplifiers and tons of fuzz pedals. Thus they created AYNAR in the summer of 2015 and made several shows in alternative places in Paris (L es instants chavirés, Le cirque électrique... ), Lille, Montpellier, Bruxelles, accompanied with screenings of Xavier's art. As of 2016, the band is finishing recording it's first LP who's about to be released under the recently founded artistic french label APOCOPE.


Anton Kaun (*1974, Weilheim) aka Rumpeln / Kaundown / Sonytony / Sid Visuals. Er ist Videound Performancekünstler. Auch Mitglied der ConsoleBand und bei Generation Aldi. Musikvideos hat er für The Notwist oder Dis*Ka gedreht. Bands wie Slut und Console lassen sich von ihm auf Tour begleiten wo seine aufmerksamen live Visuals Soundtrackfilme entstehen lassen. Diese Infos beschreiben Tätigkeiten und bleiben doch nichtssagend. Wer Kaun bei einer Performance gesehen hat, weiss, dass seine extreme Energie bei gleichzeitiger Versunkenheit am Mischpult nicht in Worte zu fassen ist. Wer mit den nur scheinbar unkontrolliert impulsiven Auftritten nichts anfangen kann, neigt dazu die Performance als Freakshow abzutun. Aber damit tut man Anton Kaun Unrecht, der komplexe Bild und Bewegungswelten entstehen lässt, deren Geschwindigkeit beim Betrachter Offenheit einfordern – und mitreißen.


Noise / Kraut / Prog, Bordeaux (FR)

Labels: Les Potagers Nature / Kithybong

Bernard Pauillac (drums/magtapes/guitar)

Krzysztof Skapiec (clarinet/synthesizers)

Hache Göteborg (guitar/razorblades)

Baruch Chirzone (drums/trumpet/vocals)

The quartett presents itself as a successor of a phantasmagorical musical movement: mallissimalism. The notion of mallissimal art has been created "in the early 70’s by young european composers strongly influenced by the work of Tachesky, Koustov and Hugsky. These autodidactic russian musicians focussed their interrest on old sacred rites from Siberia and later on raw electric textures" . True or not the most important is the intensity of Le Cercle haunted performances played in total darkness, stunning mixture of progressive rock, rock in opposition, krautrock and musique concrète. With members of: Chausse Trappe, Api Uiz, Chocolat Billy, Glen or Glenda, etc.


"Bélibaste de Cocagne, Le Moire" (Les Potagers Nature / Kythibong / Mon Cul, 2015)

"Wolfgrang Tachesky, Le festin de sang" (Les Potagers Nature, 2010)




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