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Rock inside the Glock # 76

Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
Eintritt: VVK 11 €

Blind Man Death Stare

06.04.19 Blind Man Death Stare.jpg

One of Australia's hardest working DIY punk rock bands hailing from Melbourne. We have fun here, so come join in the circus and watch us make fools out of ourselves. Catch you in the pit....

Teenage Bubblegums

06.04.19 Teenage Bubblegums.jpg

 Wieder eine neuentdeckung aus Italien, was hat dieses Land für geile Punkbands... die drei aus Forti/Trentino beschreiben sich wie folgt: "We all dress in black, playing fast, no stops" 'nuff said!


(spell dork-a-tron)

06.04.19 Dorkatron.jpg

Acting dorky on purpose. Purposely embarrassing oneself when with your friends. Results in stares and looks of disdain from strangers. e.g. He is such a dork-a-tron. Did you see his Christmas card? He was hugging Mickey Mouse.

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