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Stadtteiltreff: 19:00 Uhr

Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

AK: 12 €

Festivalticket: 35 €

noise mobility 2019 Final cover.jpg

Wir Feiern 40 jahre Glockenbachwerkstatt , 20 jahre Balkanet e.V & 10 Jahre Noise Mobility Festival


Das Noise Mobility Festival ist eine Veranstaltung von Balkanet e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit Glockenbachwerkstatt e.V. Experimentelle Pop- und Rockmusik, elektronische Avantgarde, Performance-Kunst, gesellschaftlicher Diskurs am Podium, Ausstellungen, DIY-Flohmarkt: Vom 07. bis 10. Juni 2019 ist die Münchner Glockenbachwerkstatt erneut das Zentrum der europäischen Underground-Szene. Als Kunst-Plattform jenseits des Mainstream zeigen Künstler*innen unterschiedlichster Richtungen auf dem Noise Mobility Festival wie facettenreich die europäische Subkultur/Popkultur ist.


20 Uhr Biergarten - Konzert NAQ

IPPIO PAYO & Genelabo


Nobody Answers Questions.

An audiovisual journey.

Nach unzähligen Zusammenarbeiten zwischen Josip Pavlov und Gene Aichner in den letzten 14 Jahren ist "N A Q" für beide Neuland. Sie haben nur das notwendigste dabei für die Überfahrt. Das musikalische und künstlerische Verständnis der beiden zueinander nimmt das Publikum mit.
Alle begeben sich auf eine Reise im Unterdeck eines Schiffes – unangenehm, geborgen, ungemütlich, vertraut, eng, unbekannt – eine Reise ins Ungewisse voller Fragen – wer wird sie beantworten?

After countless collaborations between Josip Pavlov and Gene Aichner over the last 12 years, "N A Q" represents uncharted waters for both of them. With only the most basic equipment, they face the passage. Their mutual understanding, musically and artistically, invites the audience aboard.
Everyone embarks on a journey in the belly of a ship - that means it’s crampy but also snuggly - uncomfortable, intimate, close but unsighted - a journey into the unknown full of questions - who will be answering them?

Konzert im Saal ab 21 Uhr

Tripes (Paris)

Julien Pontvianne – cl & sax / Julien Chamla – drums / Marco Quaresimin – bass « Descendre, inventrer » out on Gigantonium Records, May 2019. Throughout the years and after going themselves through trance-like experiences, the trio TRIPES has developed a music based on extended forms built on endless
repetitions of patterns. Often compared to The Necks, TRIPES could be defined as a« Contemporary Acoustic Trance Music » combo. A wide-range of textures are expanded slowly and shaped by the breathing of the three musicians, leading to a meditative state of listening. The regular and progressive beats, as well as the stripped-down melodies slowly modify the perception of time of the listener and therefore encourage a modified state of consciousness. Then comes the rhythmic acceleration and the unstoppable ascent of tension, increased by the musicians' voices. Some might experience sadness or unbearable tension, others abandon themselves into blissful feelings and unexpected relief.

[...] I guess it's safe to say that this is an excellent piece of music, dark but playful, repetitive but
well-varied. If you're a fan of experimental music, this certainly is something you should check
out and indulge yourself in.

Konzert im Saal ab 22 Uhr

Basheskia & Edward EQ (Sarajevo BiH)

What happens when you put an opera singer and a drummer from Sarajevo together? Both happen to be producers, with several releases under their belts, and it's safe to say the whole equals more than the sum of the parts. Think of trip hop, classical and electronic music bumping into each other until one trippy and danceable blend is formed. The duo has been performing and experimenting together for over a decade already.

Earlier Event: June 7