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Das Noise Mobility Festival ist eine Veranstaltung von Balkanet e.V. in Zusammenarbeit mit Glockenbachwerkstatt e.V. Experimentelle Pop- und Rockmusik, elektronische Avantgarde, Performance-Kunst, gesellschaftlicher Diskurs am Podium, Ausstellungen, DIY-Flohmarkt: Vom 07. bis 10. Juni 2019 ist die Münchner Glockenbachwerkstatt erneut das Zentrum der europäischen Underground-Szene. Als Kunst-Plattform jenseits des Mainstream zeigen Künstler*innen unterschiedlichster Richtungen auf dem Noise Mobility Festival wie facettenreich die europäische Subkultur/Popkultur ist.

Ab 16 Uhr


Ausstellung / Kunstmarkt /Diskussion / Performance / Musik /Party





project includes 34 female comic artists and is an attempt to underline the strength and potential of female author expression in the field of contemporary comic with a focus to present smaller selection of authors. selection is made from the komikaze edited issues (print and web).

female comics do not exist in the aesthetic sense. komikaze are dedicated to the affirmation of independent original comics and the artist original vision. the public perception is that women are not interested in comics. however, there are more and more women creating comics. we consider it important to recognize, define and affirm this scene which is secretive by its nature. one of the missions of the komikaze programme is an affirmation of female comic artists. some of them were first published in komikaze and the network itself was on several occasions recognized as “female” because of its female protagonists. komikaze editions, which will soon mark its 18th anniversary, have featured more than 80 female artists.  

original comics balances between comics, street art, action, abstraction and experiment. its roots derive from animated and experimental film, contemporary literature, music alternatives, graphics and diy culture. this border position has a goal to develop comics language and to question its limitations. comics today are a medium which is sovereign when talking about all human dimensions. it asks questions and is searching for new answers. original comics are comics in which each artist finds an answer to the question what comics are. (ivana armanini) the future of comics is in the hands of the female authors!


is a publisher and a network for spreading comic activities on the internet, electronic and brief Press distribution of mostly young authors comics. Guest authors: Ivana Armanini, Tomaž Zaniuk.

Kunst - kollektiv “Symposion”(Serbia)  yugo-nostalgic trauma

visual, musical, pop-cultural, literary-theoretical independent publishing house from Serbia. Among their editions you can find pop-cultural anthologies, art albums and conceptual books full of extreme visuality. Their thematic thoughts are broad and far-reaching, releases deal with invisible, lost generation and their trauma, jugo-nostalgia, as well as the popular Balkan ideology, the clichés of Central and Eastern Europe, the cross-section of sin and innocence, or the feasibility of traveling to Mars with the help of irony, fake, sarcasm or spontaneous shaping of the image that is reflected in everyday life situations. It is a risky world, scandalous and difficult, but also ridiculous, without aesthetic boundaries, where censorship has not yet been discovered and where it absurdly confuses existential torments.

Program includes musical-cinematic performance, discussion about contemporary art, music, film, etc., group exhibition of internationally recognized visual artists and concerts of young bands which are performing at many festivals in the region.

18 Uhr

Panelgespräch pop-kultur und musik ex-Yu und EU

Darko Saračević* (Sound engineer, cultural worker)

Predrag Vitner and Petar Mitric (Audio visual artists @ kunst kollektiv Symposion )

Asmir Sabic (Musiker, Veranstalter aus München )

*Darko Saračević worked as : shadow stage manager" at Glastonbury Festival with the following bands: Massive Attack, Fun-Da-Mental, Lamb, Youssou’N’Dour, David Byrne and others. Made study visit to concert halls and venues in UK accompanying Tim Roberts, Head of Education Department in UK Production Services Association and Chris Hannam, Head of Health & Safety Department in the music and entertainment industry of UK PSA. He worked and  organized over 100 concerts in Travnik- Sarajevo (Bosnia) of bands from all around the world.

In 2007, worked as a sound technician for a German band Harmful and Billy Gould from Faith No More on their 15-day tour across Europe. In 2010, organized and performed series of workshops for bands, technicians and music events’ organizers on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. 2011 published the books; Handbook for Bands ;Live Sound Production; Currently, sound engineer for Travnik based band;Holographic Human Element; and Seattle, WA based “Kultur Shock”.

Ab 20 Uhr

(Biergarten oder Kneipe )

NOVEMBER SIX 30-40’ (Serbien )

The hungarian sisters Brestyanszki Dina and Bernadett are creating a global free-folk, dream-pop music. The lyrics have a socially critical and emotionally sensitive approach to the global phenomena they experience in their surroundings. The sisters tried out many styles, until they finally found a unique sounding and words to express their thoughts. Dína is singing, playing on banjo and violin, Bernadett is also singing and playing on cello and melodica. They collaborated with Secret Man, Lábos Electric Orchestra, Wooden Ambulance, August Clown they played in alternative theaters and played street music as well.

21 Uhr



They like to define their music as electro garage pop. It is a combination of electronic drum and synth bass with guitar garage sound and pop vocals stained with a lot of effects. In 2016 they recorded and produced the album ‘How To Forget The Missing Pieces’ which contains nine songs. The album was published by Lampshade Media and mastered by Zoran Jurišić @ MK Mastering Studio. Currently they are working on new sound and songs which will be played for the first time at Noise Mobility Festival.


(Bosnien )

Die instrumentale, experimentelle, elektronische Band aus Sarajevo „InTheRoom“ steht kurz vor Veröffentlichung ihres ersten Albums, und wird bei ihrem zweiten Besuch in München zum ersten Mal das neue Material live spielen. In 2014 veröffentlichte die Band ihre erste EP „3327“ und spielte seitdem viele Konzerte in der Balkan Region. Sie haben Großes vor.

Helado Infinit
(Chile/ Argentina)

is a duo composed by Loreta Neira (Chile) and Victor Borgert (Argentina) in march of 2016. The project started in La Plata (ARG) but grew in a backpacker trip around Mexico, place where Helado Infinito recorded in an itinerant and independent way all of their songs that now are part of "Canciones Dispersas", their first album. After being a whole year in Mexico, Victor and Loreta went to Europe and they played in Berlin, Copenhaguen, Bratislava, Malmö, Liubliana, Paris, Caen, London, Vienna, Zagreb and Budapest. After that, in 2017, Helado Infinito went back to South America and they presented "Canciones Dispersas" in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Now their CD it's on sale also in Japan, because of the interest of a local label called Latina. Helado Infinito mix pop with folk, hip-hop and electronic music in songs that talks about existentialism, love, travels and relationships. Nowadays, Helado Infinito just released their second album called "El Movimiento del Error" (2019) and their are planning their second tour around Europe.

YUSYUS 60-75’

YusYus is audio/visual duo formed by Nemanja Stojanović (Neomodern) and Aleksandra Pavlović, which emerged from their mutual love for minimal synth music. Since their start in 2013, they've played at the Exit Festival and all over Europe, alongside like minded artists such as Soft Metals, Xeno & Oaklander, Peine Perdue, Sixth June and Ron Morelli. Their visuals are works of the Ljubljana based designer duo Kitsch-Nitsch and photographer Filip Rađenović.

After Party PARTY

DJ-ane Jasmina

Jasmina wird als „Muslimin“ und als „einzige Djane in Bosnien“ verkauft, selbst auf einem seriösen Sender (Tracks/Arte). Sie beargwöhnt den Journalisten, der da ohne Band mit ihr spricht. Sie fürchtet die Sensation, die Zurichtung. Und sie ist streng. “Der Balkan ist für Westeuropäer nach wie vor eine Projektionsfläche für Phantasien.”

Bio.- dj-ane Jasmina a veteran of the Bosnian electronic music scene in year 1999 stood behind the turntables for the first time.

After that, she never looked back. Jasmina started learning her first mix steps on Radio 3 in Sarajevo, which became her second home during the year 1999 and 2000. She began by experimenting with various electronic music directions even though she felt primarily attracted to techno sounds. Out of this combination was born her instantly recognizable electro-tech-house style. To be honest though, she plays what she likes: a bit of a dirty, minimal, deep, kicking, techno sound, is sharp in the mix and one of the rare DJs who still playsvinyl only.


Seit nun mehr als 15 Jahren teilen Sijah&Kolenda das Mischpult und bespielten in der Zeit viele regionale und europäische Länder. In Sarajevo betreiben sie eigene Party- Reihe „Die Tanznacht“  in der sie verschiedene regionale und europäische DJs empfängten . Sijah veröffentlichte auf dem ersten bosnischem Netlabel Oscilator und auf dem auch außerhalb des Landes bekannten Label Submarine Vibes.