Benefit Concert For Children in Ukraine and Myanmar

An English speaking group from Amnesty International Munich is back again this autumn. This year the focus is on the children in Ukraine and Myanmar who are caught up in the current military conflicts.

This Amnesty Intl group (#1454) wants to raise funds for an orphanage in Chernivtsi in Ukraine which is near the border with Romania. They care for physically and mentally disabled orphans who are forced to move from the Eastern part of Ukraine. Chernivtsi is a relatively safe city and it has catered to many internally displaced refugees of all types, yet local resources are simply not sufficient. They don’t even have enough warm clothes for their 60 kids. There are a few more relocated orphanages like that in the region.This benefit concert is also for the small NGOs, and local activists in Myanmar who have helped internal refugees as well.  Since another coup d’état in Myanmar began on 1 February 2021, the military junta has killed and imprisoned civilians who have bravely resisted against them.

The two local bands who will play are: Los Pelikanos (Punk Rock) and Panama Offshore Trust (Rock Band). They have long been active in the Munich music scene.

Los Pelikanos

The Ramones tribute band Los Pelikanos emerged 2014 from a fun project of 3 musicians with decades of band experience. With the goal is to bring back the punk rock experience of the 70s for the young and young at heart they perform the music of the Ramones loud, fast and with loads of fun for band and audience. Mission: Punk Rock.

Panama Offshore Trust

Panama Offshore Trust (POT) plays both covers and original compositions, offering a mix of familiar grunge and rock tunes and their own creations in their performances.

Their covers are sometimes faithful renditions of the originals and sometimes modified to fit their peaty sound and taste. Their own tracks showcase unique style and creativity. Audiences can expect a diverse musical experience when they catch this band live.

The entrance fee is 10 EURO.

The evening will also feature a silent auction to raise funds, for example movie tickets, coupons for restaurants and cafes, and possibly donated products of celebrities.

For those who want to donate cash to our group, please use the PayPal account: vivacinema@gmail.com